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Please read this Privacy Policy carefully as it describes how our company collects, uses, stores and shares your personal data. By accessing, visiting, using and interacting with a DON NINO website, you expressly consent to the information as described in this Privacy Policy. If you do not accept this privacy policy, and do not wish to provide us with requested personal data a) you cannot use our website(s) and b) we may not provide you with goods and/or services. Requests for data are all explicitly indicated when necessary (i.e. registration forms).
The information in this privacy policy is subject to change (see Section 10), and any continued interaction with the site(s) post-change is equivalent to accepting these changes, therefore you are asked to periodically check the information for updates.
This privacy policy provides important information regarding the following areas: scope of how this privacy policy is applied, and how your personal data is collected, used and disclosed by the DON NINO entities listed in the section which addresses the processing and use of your contact details (Section 11).
The information also states how to access and update your personal data and how to make choices regarding how your personal data is used.
It informs you how to access and update your personal data and what choices you can make regarding how your personal data is used. This privacy policy regulates the online and offline data collection activities of DON NINO including personal data that we collect through our varied channels such as social channels, other internet sites, sales points and events. Please note that any personal data that we collect via one method (i.e. DON NINO internet site) is combined with data we collect via another method (i.e. DON NINO offline event). Therefore, we may combine personal data collected from various DON NINO entities. Please consult Section 8 for more information on how to opt out of this practice.

1.Sources of personal data

This Privacy Statement is applicable to personal data we collect from or about you, using the methods described below (see Section 2), from the following sources: DON NINO website, email, sms or other electronic messages.

Electronic communication between you and DON NINO, shops managed by DON NINO, offline registration forms and other similar print forms we may collect through ordinary correspondence such as exhibit stands, shops, competitions and other promotions or events. Other data sources include social networks and information which is publicly available.


2.Personal data we collect about you and how we collect it.

The various types of information we collect about you (see below), are strictly related to how you interact with DON NINO (online, offline, phone, etc.).
Personal contact information. This information includes all information that you provide us with, which allows us to contact you such as your name, postal address, email address, social network information or telephone number.
Account access information. Any information necessary used to access your account profile – for example, your access id, email address, username, irrecoverable password, and/or security questions and answers. Demographic information. Any information describing your demographic or behavioral characteristics – for example your date of birth, age or age group, gender, geographic location (i.e. postal code), favorite products, hobbies and interests, and information regarding lifestyle.
Technical information on your computer or mobile device. Any information on the computer system or other technological devices that you use to access one of our Internet sites, such as the IP address of your computer or device, type of operating system, type of browser and version. If you access a DON NINO website using a mobile device such as a smartphone, the information collected will also include, where allowed, the unique identifier of your mobile device, advertising ID, geolocation and other similar data on the mobile device.
Information on the use of websites/communication. We use automatic data collection technologies to collect information about your actions. This is used when you browse through our websites. The data collected may include information about links you clicked on, pages or content displayed, length of time spent browsing and other similar information regarding interaction, content response time, download errors and duration of visits on certain pages. This information is collected using automated technologies such as cookies (browser cookies, flash cookies) and web beacons, and they are also collected through the use of third-party monitoring services (such as Double Click, Google Analytics, Adobe Dynamic Tag Management and/or Omniture). You have the right to object to the use of such technologies, for further details please consult Section 3.
Consumer feedback. This includes information you share voluntarily, related to your experience regarding the use of our products and services.
User generated content. This refers to any content that you create and then share with us on a social network or content that you upload to one of our websites. This includes photos, videos, personal stories, or other media and similar content. Where possible, we collect and publish content generated by customers in connection with a variety of activities, including competitions and other promotions, communities and third-party social events content.

Information regarding social network sites. This refers to any information that you share publicly on a social network or information that you allow a third-party network (i.e. Facebook) to share with us from your profile. Examples of information that may be shared with us is basic account information (i.e. name, email address), type of device used, gender, date of birth, city of residence, profile picture, friend list etc.) and all other information or activities that you allow third party social networks to share with others. We receive profile information (or part of this information) from social networks every time you download or interact with a DON NINO internet application on a social network such as Facebook and every time you use a function integrated with a DON NINO site (i.e. Facebook Connect) or wherever it interacts with us through a social network. To learn more about how your information is obtained from a third-party social network by DON NINO, or how to stop sharing such information, please visit the social network website in question.


3. Cookies/similar technologies, log files and web beacon

Cookies/similar technologies.Please consult the Cookie Policy to find out how you can manage them in your settings and get detailed information on how and why we use cookies.

Log files. We collect information in the form of log files that record activities on the website and collect statistical information about your habits relating to navigation. These recordings are generated automatically, and help us eliminate errors, improve performance and guarantee the security of our websites.

Web beacon. Web beacons (also known as “web bugs”) are small strings of code that produce a graphic image on an Internet page or in an email with the purpose of transferring data back to us. Information collected via web beacons may include technical information such as the IP address, as well as information on how you respond to an email campaign (i.e. the time of day when you opened the email, which links you clicked in the email, etc.). We may use web beacons on our websites or include them in emails we send. We use this information through for a series of purposes, including but not limited to, reporting on site traffic, unique visitor counts, advertising, site fixes, email reporting, and personalization.


4. Uses of your personal data

The following paragraphs describe the various reasons we collect and use your personal data, and the different types of personal data that are collected for each purpose. Please note that not all uses mentioned below apply to each individual user.

Customer service. We use your personal data for customer support purposes, in order to best answer your questions. This data usually includes personal contact information and any information related to conversations between you and customer care (i.e. order status, technical issues, questions/complaints related to product, general questions, etc.).

Competitions, marketing and other promotions. We use your personal data, with your consent (if required), to provide you with information on goods or services (i.e. communications, campaigns or marketing promotions). This can be done via email, advertising, SMS, phone calls or ordinary mail, as permitted by applicable laws. Some of our campaigns and promotions may appear on Internet sites and/or social networks of third parties. The use of your personal data is voluntary, which means that you can object to the use of your personal data for this purpose. For more information about our competitions and other promotions, please consult the rules and details published with each individual competition and/or promotion.

Social network. We may collect data when you interact with our advertisements and other content on third-party sites or platforms, such as social networking sites. This may include data such as “Likes”. You can learn more about how this works, data collected and information on how you can opt out of this.

Personalization (offline e online). We use your personal data, with your consent (if required) to (i) analyze your preferences and habits, (ii) anticipate your needs based on our analysis of your profile, (iii) improve and personalize your experience on our websites and applications; ensure that the content of our Internet sites/applications is optimized for your computer or device; and (iv) enable you to participate in interactive features, when you decide to participate, i.e. we remember your personal login ID/email address or username to ensure immediate log in the next time you visit our website. Based on this type of information, and with your consent (where required), we show you specific content or DON NINO promotions based on your interests. The use of your personal data is voluntary, which means that you may object to the processing of your personal data for this purpose. For detailed information on how to opt out, please refer to the section below.

Other general purposes (i.e. in-house research, analytics, security). In compliance with applicable laws, we use your personal data for general business purposes related to demographic and internal marketing studies to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. We reserve the right, in the case that you have multiple club member accounts, to combine all accounts into one single account. We also use your personal data to guarantee security on our end.
Juridical reasons or mergers/acquisitions.
In the event that DON NINO or its assets are acquired by, or are merged with another company including bankruptcy, we will be able to share your personal data with any of our legitimate successors. We may also disclose your personal data to third parties (i) where required by applicable law; (Ii) to respond to legal proceedings; (iii) to respond to a request from
an agency responsible to apply relevant law; (iv) to protect our rights, our privacy, security or property, or the public; or (v) to execute terms of contract or terms of our website.


5. Disclosure of personal data

We share your personal data with the following third-party organizations: Service Providers. These companies are external and are used to help us better manage our business (i.e. processing orders, processing payments, fraud detection and identity verification, debt collection, operation of the website, service support, promotions, website development, data analysis, etc.). Service providers and chosen personnel are only permitted to access and use your data on our behalf and for the specific tasks we request, based on our instructions and on our obligation to guarantee confidentiality and security of your personal data. Where required by law, you will be able to obtain a list of suppliers that process your personal data.

Third party recipients who use personal data for legal reasons or merger/acquisition. We disclose personal data to third parties for legal reasons or as required due to acquisition or merger (see Section 4 for further details).


6. Retaining personal data

In compliance with applicable laws, we use your personal data for the amount of time needed for which the purpose of your data was collected (as described in Section 4 above) or to satisfy legal requirements. Data is used to provide a personalized experience (see Section 4 above for more information) and is kept for the duration permitted by applicable laws.


7. Disclosure, storage and/or transfer of your personal data.

We use a number of reasonable measures (described below) to ensure the confidentiality and safety of your personal data. However, please note that these security measures are not applicable to the information you have chosen to share in public areas such as social networks.

People who can access your personal data. I Suoi Dati personali saranno trattati dal nostro personale autorizzato, sulla base della necessità di sapere, a seconda delle finalità specifiche per le quali i Suoi Dati personali sono stati raccolti ( il nostro personale responsabile delle questioni concernenti l’attenzione al cliente avrà accesso al profilo del cliente).
Measures taken in operational environments.Your data will be processed by our authorized personnel, on a need to know basis, relevant to the specific purpose for which it has been collected (i.e. our personnel in customer care will have access to your customer profile).

Measures that we expect be in place on the client end. It is important that certain security measures are in place on the client end and that personal data is secure and protected. When signing up for an online account, choose a secure and difficult password, and never reveal it to anyone. You are responsible for the privacy of your password and any use made of the account. If you use your password on a public computer, never choose to remember your password and/or login ID or email address. Also be sure to log out of your account each time you leave your computer. We also ask you use security settings that we may provide on our website/application.

Transferring your personal data. The storage and processing of your personal data, as described above, may ultimately request the transfer/transmission of such data and/or archive of such data to a destination outside your country of residence, and most likely to Switzerland and Luxemburg.
By accepting the terms of this Privacy Policy, and where permitted by law, you accept this
transfer, transmission, storage and/or processing. You also accept that such activities could take place in countries that offer a level of data protection lower than your country of residence.


8. Accesso ai suoi dati personali

Where it is permitted by law, you, your successors, representatives and/or delegates have the right to access, revise and request a physical or electronic copy of the information stored on you. You may also have the right to ask for information regarding the source of your personal data. Please note that any identifying information provided will only be processed in accordance with and to the extent permitted by applicable laws.

Modification and removal of personal data. Where required by law, you, your successors, representatives and/or delegates can (i) request cancellation, correction or revision of your personal data; (ii) oppose the processing of data; (iii) limit the use and the disclosure of your personal data; and (iv) revoke consent to all of our data processing activities. Please note that in certain circumstances we may not be able to delete your personal data without deleting your entire user account. We may be required to retain some of your personal data after you have requested removal in order to meet legal or contractual obligations. We may also be authorized by applicable law to retain some of your personal data to meet our business needs. Please note that any identifying information provided will be dealt with only in accordance with and to the extent permitted by applicable laws.

9. Le sue scelte su come usiamo e divulghiamo i suoi dati personali

We do our best to offer you choice regarding the personal data you provide. The following offers you control over your personal data such as: cookies/similar technologies. You may set your browser to prevent all or partial browser cookies or to receive a warning when cookies are used. Please refer to Section 3 above.
Advertising, marketing and promotions. If you would like your personal data to be used by DON NINO for product and service promotions, you may tick the relevant box(s) located on the registration form or respond to the question(s) submitted by our sales team. If you decide you do not want to receive such communications any more, you can remove yourself from the marketing and communications list, following the instructions provided in each communication. If you would like to remove yourself from all forms of marketing communication, including third party social networks of third parties, you may do so at any time by accessing the website/application and modify your consent by unticking the boxes in your account profile user settings. Please note that even if you remove yourself from our marketing communications, you may continue to receive communications on our part, as well as order confirmations and other transactions, notifications about activity on your account (account confirmation, password change, etc.) and other important announcements.

Personalization (offline and online): If you would like your personal data to be used by DON NINO, where applicable by law, to provide you with a personalized experience, we ask you to indicate this by ticking the relevant box(es) located on the registration form or by replying to the application(s) submitted by our shop sales representatives. If you at any time decide that you do not want a personalized experience, you can access the website/application and change your user preferences on your account profile, unticking relevant boxes.
Advertising based on interests. We may collaborate with advertising networks and other advertisers (“Advertising providers”) that provide advertising on our behalf and others companies not affiliated on the internet. Some of these advertisements could be adapted to your interests based on information collected over time on the DON NINO or on non-affiliated websites.

10. Changes to our privacy policy

If we choose to change how we handle your personal data, we will update this Privacy Policy with such changes. We reserve the right to make changes to our own business practices and this Privacy Policy at any time. You are asked to frequently check if there have been any updates or changes.

11. Who is responsible for processing of data and contact details

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy and our business practices related to privacy or if you would like to file a complaint regarding our compliance with the law applicable to the handling of personal data, please contact us at: DON NINO HOLDING SRL, Piazza di Spagna, 65, 00187 Rome (RM) or call us at 068841394. We acknowledge and investigate all claims related to how we handle personal data (including complaints about the violation of data under applicable privacy laws).